Powerweb Intellectual Properties, Inc.

For 25 years Powerweb has been developing new patents for clients to enhance and protect their technology and sell new patents to clients in future developing markets.


For 25 years Powerweb inventing patents for some of the largest corporations in the world. Our vast Intellectual Property Portfolio has been licensed by many multi-national companies over the years.

Industries We Served

For 25 years Powerweb has been serving various industries with a host of Intellectual Property Services. Powerweb has specific technology knowledge in the following future marketplaces

Our Services

Powerweb provides a host of intellectual property services ranging from concept, design, development, production and delivery to marketplace and is recognized as one of the leading boutique patent IP integrators in the United States. Our team of professionals provide conceptual design on the most effective methods of establishing IP holdings so clients can realize the most value from those assets.

IP Services

Powerweb offers a wide range of Intellectual Property Services, from concept design through the patent process and into actual product delivery.

Patent Protection

Powerweb offers patent design services which provides guidance to companies on how to develop their products without infringement on other products.

Conceptual Design

Powerweb offers concept design in where clients can sketch ideas, draft thoughts, start understanding the process and Powerweb will bring these ideas to life.

Expert Testimony

With 25 years of experience, Powerweb offers text pert technology testimony in multiple industries served.

Product Design

Powerweb offers product design where clients can discuss the look, feel and operational characteristics of a product and Powerweb will solidify these concepts.


Powerweb has several new products that are in the product pipeline for 2019. Patents are filed, issued or being prepared. To learn more about these products an NDA is required.