Powerweb developed & patented a line of wireless internet meters and control systems which were sold to utility companies and installed at commercial consumer locations to manage power in “real-time”. Clients of the licensed software include: Baltimore Gas & Electric (Baltimore, MD), PEPCO Utility (Washington, D.C.), Long Island Power Authority (Long Island, NY), Connecticut Power & Light, Conectiv (Atlantic City, NJ), Conectiv (Wilmington, DE)

Power Generation Software

Powerweb developed & patented a unique electricity trading system for various utilities around the United States; which allowed utilities to trade various components of electricity via a network rather than traditional static blocks of power. Powerweb offered new software system for utilities to provide their customers. The system was pioneered with AES New Energy through the PJM Electrical Grid. An integral part of the system was the creation of the first “real-time” electricity price system which links suppliers, commodity traders and end users simultaneously via the Internet. Today, price feed provides prices to the PJM which controls over 22 million end use consumers of electricity and dispatches over 60,000 MW’s of power instantaneously

Wireless Lighting Controls

Powerweb designed & patented wireless lighting control systems. Clients of the licensed software & hardware include: Johnson Controls, Siemens, General Electric, Hubbell Lighting and Westinghouse


Designed a revolutionary power system for 3G & 4G cellular towers owned by Viom Networks; the third largest cellular company in India, to increase potential power utilization by over 100%.Designed unique lithium battery system to charge all internal power switches. Solved power outage problems through integrated renewable energy sources created a unique method to charge 3G & 4G equipment rather than charging tower itself.

Oil & Gas Industry

Designed a new method to extract oil from a horizontal fracking drilling system through the use of wireless and embedded controls for an oil company based in Houston, TX. Designed unique communication methodology for sand pump system at the well site. Designed a method to regulate the manifold systems at the site to equalize well pressure. Increased potential oil extraction at the well up to 30%

Mobile Advertising

Led a team of engineers to develop and patent a new digital mobile display which can target ads to consumers utilizing GPS location and time-based strategies. Designed new display unit with a new communication package for full motion HD video. Prior to new version release, 300 taxi-top VID units were operational in three markets (NYC,Philadelphia and Boston). Clients included: Coca-Cola, Delta, HBO, State Lottery (PA and MA), Chase, Estee-Lauder,

Solid State Lighting

As CEO of Light-Pod, a Powerweb subsidiary, Lothar consulted on the design of LED fixtures, optics for light distribution and power consumption for LED drivers. Clients included: Cree LED, Westinghouse Lighting, Philips Lighting, Hubbell Corporation and General Electric and US Navy. Light-Pod designed and manufactured advanced solid state LED lighting systems for shipboard critical environments. LED fixture designed to meet military compliance for electronic and physical characteristics

Consumer Electronics

As CEO of Hot-Doc, a Powerweb subsidiary, Lothar developed a line of mobile phone wireless chargers for the consumer electronics market. Powerweb currently has multiple patents on these chargers and will be deploying into the market in 2020.