Lothar Budike has presented over 350 hours of direct trial testimony and expert deposition testimony in multiple trials both in the federal and state court systems.
Lothar Budike has provided testimony in both Philadelphia and Connecticut Federal Courts.

Due to confidentiality agreements the actual companies involved cannot be named however they were Fortune 100 companies based within the United States.
Lothar Budike has provided over 2700 hours of direct trial preparation to include;
Extensive Damage Models Ranging in Value From $25M to over $1B

Trial Preparation for Direct Testimony

  • Analysis and Development of over 200,000 Bates Labels & Documents
  • Multiple Distinct & Intuitive Trial Presentations
  • Design and Development of Trial Graphics
  • Trial Business Case Strategies
  • Damage Business Case Preparation
  • Damage Analysis
  • Damage Calculations
  • Damage Model Construction
  • Designing Comparable Business Case Scenarios o Marketplace Analysis
  • Growth Curves Within Business Segments

Direct Trial Testimony Included the following topics:

  • Utility Power Generation
  • Utility Power Distribution
  • Micro Grid Systems
  • Regulatory Power Requirements
  • Utility Power Trading Systems
  • Energy Software Systems
  • Building Control Systems
  • Power & Metering Systems
  • Wireless Telecommunication
  • Lighting Controls
  • Wireless Networks
  • FCC
  • Sensor Interfaces
  • Embedded Systems